Stronger Together: Say No to Teenage Pregnancy Say No to Teenage Pregnancy 

Why Support Us

PTMOF Gives Hope To Lost Dreams:’ We serve pregnant teens and young women who face poverty and social isolation due to culture stigma. Almost 92% of young mothers in Uganda under the age of 25 are living in poverty. Most are single parents. When you choose to donate you directly contribute to helping each young woman we support reach her full potential as an adult and as a new mother. Your donation will help PTMOF to find safe affordable housing for a mother and a child, access to comprehensive health services for herself and her baby, and an opportunity to complete skilled-vocational education. PTMOF relies on a large team of skilled volunteers who play key roles, helping us keep costs down while maintaining a high level of service delivery. At PTMOF, we recognize the importance of measuring the impact of our services so that we can be confident that generous donors and partners see value in their investment. Some of these benefits are tangible and easy to measure such as the number of participants who complete their Vocational school education and deliver healthy babies. Our programs create value in many other ways that are sometimes more difficult to measure, such as the positive influence a mother has on her child’s development when she gains self-esteem and a positive outlook on her future.