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About the Exhibition

The 3rd Made in Africa International Exhibition convenes, educates and advocates for a vision of Africa as a place of unbounded optimism, rapid growth, and massive cultural transformation and presents the continent as a hub of experimentation that generates innovative design approaches and solutions on the Globe.

The Made in Africa International Exhibition brings together experts from across the world and disciplines to unite African Canadian entrepreneurs, policymakers, activists, scholars, artists, and designers to address a global audience and provide the world with the modern African heritage recognizing the daily contributions that African Canadians make to Canada.

The exhibition will showcase how African products contribute to significant economic, and social change in North America.

Why Home is Best, Made in Africa International Exhibition?

The Home is Best, Made in Africa International Exhibition is organised by PTMOF – Pelletier Teenage Mothers Foundation. PTMOF is a Non-profit organization that works with pregnant teenagers, Teen Mothers, with their Children in nurturing a positive mental health, physical and social development of traumatized young parents, helping them to re-integrate back into their communities.

In the year 2023, PTMOF intends to extend the knowledge of youth skilling and development from Africa to communities in Ontario targeting the youth and marginalised community members through show casing African special creations in Art, Crafts, Design, Culture, Food and Tourism.


Where to Stay?

Buy Africa For Africa: Is a global solidarity to build the market for African-made products and services so they can compete internationally.

Day 1 and Day 3: Friday. May 19, 2023, and Sunday, May 21. 2023:
Royal Events Center Inc.
30 Gordon Mackay Road North York Ontario ON M9N 2V6
Official Opening Ceremony of the 3rd Home is Best International Exhibition

Days 2: Saturday May 20, 2023 :

Holiday Inn Toronto Airport East
600 Dixon Rd, Toronto, ON M9W 1J1
(Main Conference Hall)

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The exhibition will be the springboard of the long-term connectivity plan as we connect African products and Services internationally. Provide a forum for partnership, networking, interaction, and engagement among African entrepreneurs, service organizations, and government agencies in Canada to Conduct an international conversation/consultation with Advanced Market agencies and partners for economic development issues

The exhibition is a hub of information about African culture , products and services. Hence showcase of traditional dishes, crafts, African fabric (Kitenge), art, design, paintings, traditional dance and drama from Canada and International delegates. It offers the chance to explore cutting-edge products and services available from commercial and non-commercial organizations. Don’t miss the chance to talk directly with representatives of these key organizations in the Made in Africa response.

Post Bank Uganda is the only authorized in-person registration point.
Account Number: 1110037012438
Main Branch Nkruma Road Summit Banking Diaspora Desk. We don’t have any individual agents to make sure you obtain a bank receipt upon registration.
Registration Fees are Non Refundable!
ONLINE: Click Here

  • May 19th. 2023: Official opening Ceremony of the 3rd Home is Best Made in Africa Exhibition 
  • May 21st. 2023: Official closing Ceremony of the 3rd Home is Best Made in Africa Exhibition
  • October 24th. 2022: Official Registration Opens
  • January 1st. 2023: End of Early Bird International Delegates Registration
  • February 15th. 2023 Late International Delegates Registration in Effect
  • March 15th. 2023: International Delegates Registration Closes
  • May 8th. 2023: Canadian Participants and Exhibitors Registration Closes
  • International Participant Delegates: $250
  • International Exhibitors Delegates: $500
  • Canadian Participants: $100
  • Canadian Exhibitors: $250
  • Canadian Media: Free

To attend the 3rd Home Is Best Made in Africa International Exhibition in Toronto Canada you must take certain steps to enter Canada.

Step One: Find out if you require a Visitor’s Visa to Enter Canada

If you are eligible to travel to Canada, it is your responsibility to investigate visa requirements and apply for a visitor visa (also called a temporary resident visa), Most of the International delegates will need a visitor visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to travel to Canada click on the link below for more information:

Step Two: Check the processing Time before You Apply for your visa

It has come to our attention that the visitor’s visa take more than 3 months to be approved we therefore advise our international delegates to apply for their visa at least 12 weeks before the Exhibition. Click on the link below to see the processing times, as it varies by country.

Step Three: Official Letter of Invitation

To apply for a visa’s visa you will need an official letter of invitation from PTMOF. Please note the letter can only be issued after full payment of registration fees. The invitation letter is not a grantee that a visa will be approved consequently, it is the jurisdiction of the Canadian Immigration department to make a determination on whether the delete gates meet their criteria to enter Canada; all expenses incurred in relation to visa processing and participation in the exhibition are the sole responsibility of the delegate. Registration fees are non-refundable and can only be transferred to another delegate recommended by the original recipient.