If You Are Pregnant or Have A Child and Are 20 Years Old or Younger

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Who We Are

We are a Non-profit organization that works with Pregnant teenagers, Teen Mothers, with their Children in nurturing a positive mental health, physical and social development of traumatized young parents of Uganda, helping them to re integrate back into their communities.

What We Do

Every child is valuable

Everyone should care. Everyone should save a mother. We desire to see zero HIV/AIDS infections for Youths. We do not discriminate and we do not stigmatize.

About The Founder

Solome Nanvule started a project in Nansana which she registered as Pelletier Teenage Mothers Foundation (PTMOF) in memory of her late benefactor, Fr Reinard Pelletier, a French-Canadian who paid her school fees from primary through to university.

“I met Fr Pelletier in 1986 when I was at St Theresa Mitala Maria Primary School. He was the parish priest of Mitala Maria, serving under the White Missionaries of Africa. He must have found me worth helping, given my poverty-stricken background,” she says.

Fr Pelletier had started an organisation at the parish called Excavellian Movement with Nanvule as the group leader. Her qualities became outstanding as a leader which prompted the Catholic Father to take keen interest in the young girl.

A rough childhood: Nanvule and her siblings were raised by a single mother, having been abandoned by their father.